Hormones that go into action when exercising

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hormones for workout

Exercise is not only an external activity in terms of movements and postures, but it also constitutes internal work, since we manage to move the internal machinery. In this process the different glands of the organism come into play, key organs when it comes to obtaining energy and making the body work correctly during exercise, since they are the ones that secrete the different hormones necessary to carry out sports activity , and the causes in many cases of the different changes that we are going to undergo in our organism.

Normally when we stay in a resting situation the organism works in a relaxed way. It is not necessary to use fast energy that in other circumstances we would need. Hormone production is currently lower. On the other hand, when we practice sports, our bodily needs change , which leads us to increase the production of hormones, something that we should not overlook.

As we have commented on countless occasions, hormones are necessary for us to carry out the different bodily actions. They are secreted by the glands that we have in the body, and they are chemical substances in charge of making the body carry out its functions . In the case of sport, obtaining energy is the main function on which the body focuses, since with activity the consumption is high and proper transportation and use of it through the body is necessary. At this point hormones are very important.

When we exercise, the body increases the secretion of some hormones to the detriment of others that are not produced in the same way. The reason for this is the glucose carried by the blood and which is what triggers this activity of the glands so that we can make the most of it and thus obtain energy. Therefore, we must take into account the different hormones that will be released while we exercise and those that will stop being produced.

Insulin is one of the hormones that stops being produced when we exercise. The pancreas, which is the organ that is in charge of generating this hormone, stops working, and is that insulin is responsible for reducing blood glucose levels. As the body needs energy when we practice sports, this hormone stops acting so that we take advantage of glucose and do not store it.

Not only insulin is affected, but other hormones such as glucagon, epinephrine and norepinephrine, somatotrophin, cortisol and cortisone, triiodothyronine and thyroxine are affected by exercise, since the body releases them more amount to be able to face the physical exercise that we are going to do. They are responsible for obtaining glycogen by improving the blood supply and the reception of energy by the cells, just as they manage to obtain it from the body’s fat reserves.

It is important to keep in mind that sport triggers an intense hormonal process according to which the body prepares internally to supply us with energy and obtain it from anywhere, which causes us to reduce fat reserves and accelerate this process, which at rest does not occurs. If you want to buy hgh injections, you can get it easily from Steroids Corner.

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