Growth hormone injections: uses and side effects

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Growth hormone injections: uses and side effects

Hormones have a fundamental role in the body. Since they are the messengers of the body. When hormones reach some part of the body they modify the functions of the organs. Hormones generally allow a kind of communication between systems and organs. What allows a better response by the body to different needs. Among the functions that hormones regulate, growth, metabolism and sexual functions stand out . Understanding the role hormones play is vital in treating various conditions. Likewise, this knowledge has allowed the development of various contraceptive methods.

Among the best known hormones is the so-called somatotropin hormone , better known as growth hormone (GH). Its main function is easy to predict, being responsible for growth during childhood. Although really, the hormone has more functions. So the lack of the GH hormone can cause some problems.

Understanding the role of the GH hormone a little more

This hormone is generated in the pituitary gland. Its best known effect is to cause growth in children and adolescents. However, it has more equally important functions in the body. Some of them have to do with metabolism and others with muscle and bone health.

Adequate levels of the hormone allow muscle growth as well as calcium retention in the bones. As for metabolism, the hormone promotes protein production and is useful for using lipids as an energy source. In addition, it allows the production of glucose in the liver (Gluconeogenesis). In summary, growth hormone not only plays a role in development. It is also important in regulating metabolism in people of all ages.

Due to the metabolic related function, there are people who use the hormone to gain muscle mass or even slow down aging. Despite these uses that some people give it, doctors do not recommend consuming hormones, unless they consult a specialist. If you are prescribed with HGH Injections, you can get it from Steroids Corner.

GH hormone in children

Like all regulatory substances in the body, both lack and excess are often harmful. In the case of minors, the lack of the GH hormone prevents proper growth. But not only that, the lack of this hormone also causes the body to accumulate more fat. However, the lack of the substance also prevents proper bone development. What can cause weaker bones in children.


The condition can be detected in the first years of life. And it is usually caused by genetic factors, although it is sometimes not possible to determine the cause thoroughly. Often, deficiency of growth hormone is accompanied by a lack of other hormones in the pituitary gland. This is true for several cases in minors and adults.

Deficiency in adults

Unlike children, adults are not going through a stage of physical growth and development. Although, this does not mean that the GH hormone is no longer needed. On the contrary, it continues to occur in the body, but at lower levels. As we remember, the hormone also plays an important role in metabolism. Therefore, it is common for adults with GH hormone deficiency to have some of the symptoms:

  • Fat accumulation in the waist.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Muscle and bone weakness.
  • Low bone density.
  • Increased risk of heart disease.
  • Fatigue in general, due to metabolic functions

In adults, damage to the pituitary gland is often the root of the problem. The damage can be caused by various reasons, from a head injury to an infection such as meningitis.

GH hormone treatment

For both adults and children, treatment for deficiency is injection of the hormone. Although also, it is used in the treatment for some diseases. Such as:

  • Turner syndrome, which affects development in girls.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome, another condition that interferes with development.
  • Patients with chronic kidney disease.
  • HIV cases, since it allows preserving the muscle mass of the patient.

Growth hormone injections.
Image from Kingsberg Medical.

The use of hormone injections, can bring some side effects, generally they are joint and headaches. Although, in excess, the hormone can cause several problems, including:

  • Fluid retention.
  • Carpal tunnel.
  • High levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood

The hormone injection should always be under medical orders. Due to the role of the substance. As well as the body’s sensitivity to hormones, so a higher dose has a very marked effect on the body. Therefore, when in doubt if you really need to take the GH hormone, you should consult a specialist.


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